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Welcome to the USA pen pal site. Our service contains various international free penpal photo ads from all over the world but this page gives you an unique chance to meet young female and male pen pals and penfriends from beautiful USA. Meet new friends for long lasting true friendship or find that special someone and start a hot online romance. You can contact our members by e-mail, snail mail or by voice chat and even by the coolest webcam chat ever made. And, best of all, this online friendship serivce is FREE to our new international members seeking penfriends and pen pals from USA!

Use the following links to browse our member section. You can browse either male or female pen pals from USA. These are free pen pal lists for both e-mail friends and snail mail penpals worldwide.

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Start a new friendship or romance, meet new people, learn new cultures. Female and male penpals from USA with photo ads - see their newest pictures.

You can also meet here senior penfriends (50+), christian pen pals and gay friends from USA.

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Some interesting facts about USA:

The United States of America (U.S.A.), also referred to as the United States (U.S.), America, or the States, is a federal republic in North America and the Pacific Ocean (the islands of Hawaii, and the Aleutians). It extends from the Atlantic coast in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. It shares land borders with Canada in the north and Mexico in the south, shares a marine border with Russia in the west, and has a collection of districts, territories, and possessions around the world including Puerto Rico, Midway Island, and Guam. The country has fifty states, which have a level of local autonomy. A U.S. citizen is usually identified as an American. The United States traces its national origin to the declaration by 13 British colonies in 1776 that they were free and independent states. Before the British, and in terms of territory, the Dutch, Spanish and French had a stronger foothold on the New Continent where Native Americans (formerly called Indians) had lived for thousands of years. Since the mid-20th century it has eclipsed most other nations in terms of economic, political, military and cultural influence. The country was founded under a tradition of having the rule come from the people under the representative democracy model. The American model of government (presidential-congressional) has since been adopted by many other countries, mostly in Latin and South America.

Most of the 280 million people currently living in the United States descend from European immigrants that have arrived since the establishment of the first colonies. Major components of the European segment of the United States population are descended from immigrants from Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland and Italy with many immigrants also from Scandinavian countries and the Slavic and other populations of eastern and southern Europe and French Canada; few immigrants came directly from France. Likewise, while there were few immigrants directly from Spain, Hispanics from Mexico and South and Central America are considered the largest minority group in the country, comprising 13.4% of the population (38.6 million people) in 2002. This has brought increasing use of the Spanish language in the United States (see Languages in the United States). About 12% (2000 census) of the people are African Americans who largely descend from the African slaves that were brought to America. A third significant minority is the Asian American population (3.6%), who are most concentrated on the West Coast. The native population of Native Americans, such as American Indians and Inuit make up less than 1% of the population. The level of Christian religious devotion in the US is showing a gradual decline, from 86.2% calling themselves Christian in 1990 to 76.5% doing so in 2001 (ARIS 2001). The religious affiliations in 2001 were Protestant 52%, Catholic 24.5%, none 13.2%, Jewish 1.3% and 0.5-0.3% for Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist, Hindu and Unitarian Universalist. There is a significant difference between those who declare themselves to be of a religion and those who are members of a church of that religion. Census Bureau figures (PDF file) show that church membership in 2001 was 53% Christian, 2.3% Jewish and 0.1% Muslim, others lower. The social structure of the United States, a capitalist country, is highly stratified, with a large proportion of the wealth of the country controlled by a small fraction of the population which exerts disproportionate cultural and political influence. However, in terms of relative wealth, most Americans enjoy a standard of personal economic wealth that is far greater than that known in the majority of the world. For example, 51% of all households have access to a computer and 41% had access to the Internet in 2000. Furthermore, 67.9% of US households owned their dwellings in 2002.


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